Indians Misunderstand Democracy

A limited understanding of democracy produces limited results. A faulty understanding of democracy leads to faulty results. In India democracy is understood narrowly mainly as a means to a peaceful change of power. The fault lies in the exercise of political power after the people have spoken.

Currently there are no rules for politician in India. No limits to authority. No accountability. In no democracy are politicians allowed such a free hand where they can interfere with certain government functions such as career civil service, procurement and law enforcement.

The corrosion of professionalism in Governmnet

The civil service was not changed to a protected merits service. No democracy allows politicians to meddle with career civil servants when it comes to hiring, promotion and dismissal. Indian “ministers” from day one have openly interfered with the career civil service. The result is tragic with irreparable consequences. Where elected politician are allowed to interfere with career government professionals the result is disastrous. All advance democracies protect all levels of career service to prevent corruption It is amazing that no one among the career civil service has objected to this unruly practice. With their jobs and careers dependent on the whims of elected politicians the civil servants scrambled to become sycophants. Professionalism in government took a big hit. The results are disastrous.

Elected politicians barely make five percent of any government employees. The day-to-day routine functions, such as records, accounting/budgeting, procurement and personnel management along with law enforcement activities are left to career professionals with politicians making policy and allocating resources per the recommendations of the professionals.

Any reform must begin here. Somehow we will have to find professionals and “technocrats” and put them in inherent government functions with no political meddling. As long as political meddling continues in vital areas of government, there is no hope of ever ending corruption.

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